How can my institution be listed on uni-terra?

All university-level establishments and institutes offering courses on and/or research into building with earth are welcome to take part in uni-terra. Please send us a registration enquiry providing some kind of verifiable indication of your activities and we will contact you with further details.

As a general rule, an institute should exhibit some kind of ongoing involvement in earth architecture or building with earth even if courses are not offered regularly or every term or semester.

Can non-educational institutes also be listed on uni-terra?

Uni-terra is aimed at academic-level institutions only. However, if you are an earth building association in your respective country, we can include you in the list of associations. Contact us using the link form with your name, your link and short description of your organisation and we will include you in the link list.

What information is required?

Academic institutions can provide as much or as little information as they wish.

As a minimum, each institute should provide some basic and reliable contact details and ideally a brief profile of their activities, the course offered and, where possible, who can enrol or take part in them.

Each institute can also contribute more information if they wish, for instance:

Is it possible to add or change details?

Each participating academic institution receives a log-in and password, allowing them to update their details at any time from any computer. All that is required is a browser.

Each participating institute has a profile page, a content area and an image and file repository, i.e. the equivalent of a mini weblog. Institutes can contribute new articles, upload images and files for others to read and/or download.

What language(s) may be used on uni-terra?

In order to ensure that information provided on uni-terra can be read around the world, all text and details should be provided in English.

We regret we cannot provide translations into English. Institutions are kindly requested to translate all information before uploading it to uni-terra.

What does it cost?

There is no cost for using or participating in uni-terra.

The uni-terra platform has been financed by the Dachverband Lehm e.V. Additional support for hosting and support will be borne by the DVL for a further two years, after which the situation will be reviewed and discussed with the participating institutions.

Do I need a login?

All information published on uni-terra is freely available to all visitors, whether registered or not. If you just want to conduct research or find out more, just visit the site – a login is not necessary.

A login is only required if you are an educational institute exhibiting some kind of ongoing involvement in earth architecture or building with earth and wish to provide information for others about your coursework, activities, research and so on.

Can uni-terra help me find a course / publication / partner?

The uni-terra platform aims to collect together information on available courses from around the world. All information is contained on the website. If you can’t immediately find what you are looking for, please try the the search function.

If you would like to know more about something written by an institution on uni-terra, do contact the relevant academic institute directly.

We regret we cannot provide individual assistance in finding courses or publications.

Privacy policy and terms of use

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be read in the imprint.

Can I bookmark people and events?

Yes, on uni-terra academic contact details are implemented as hCard microformats, and events as hCalendar microformats. More and more browsers and calendar planners are able to recognise these and save them to your contacts or calendar planner.

I have a suggestion ...

Suggestions are always welcome. Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.