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Terraville University

Terraville University does not really exist. This text serves as an example of the kind of information that can be entered into a profile. Terraville University has offered degree courses in architecture and engineering for over 20 years. The Department of Ecological Building at Terraville University is a new department founded in 2001 to focus on the increasing importance of sustainable and ecological building methods.

The department comprises architects, engineers and materials scientists and covers a wide range of topics from sustainable urban development, regenerative energy sources and waste management to specific ecological building methods, the health hazards and recycling of materials and ecological benchmarking. Practical application is a constituent part of coursework and field projects are undertaken together with commercial firms in the vicinity.


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Terraville university offers courses in earth building for students of both the Architecture and Engineering Faculties. Two levels of courses are offered in alternating terms: the basic course also encompasses other building methods, e.g. straw bale and bamboo construction, the advanced course focuses on specific aspects of earth building, for instance earthquake resistance or the use of earth in conservation.

Coursework typically comprises of weekly lectures and seminars where the students develop presentations of particular topics and project work. The department also supervises Master students dissertation topics. Subject matter covered includes …


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Entrance Requirements

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